HWM FACILITY >> 6.Components of TSDF



Hazardous Waste TSDF designed to be a state-of-the-art modern environment infrastructure complying with the International Standards, having in-house;

   1.        Special Purpose Vehicles for waste collection from Industry

   2.        Waste Receiving Station

   3.        Waste Storage Center

   4.        Laboratory for waste characterization and testing

   5.        Waste Treatment Center for all categories of hazardous wastes, depending on treatmentrequirement such as:

•      Waste Stabilisation

•      Waste Solidification

•      Storage

•      Physico-Chemical Treatment

•      Thermal Destruction (Incineration) etc.

   6.        Engineered Secure Landfill

   7.        Leachate collection and effluent treatment plant

   8.        Monitoring station for air/water/soil

   9.        Technical Guidance

Members of HEMS would be able to use the above facilities for environmentally sound management and disposal of the hazardous waste generated at their factories at reasonable costs.