HWM FACILITY >> 9.Procedure for Lifting Hazardous Waste



For availing the hazardous waste management service of the facility, it is essential for the hazardous waste generating unit to get registered with GEPIL (Haryana). The step by step procedure for the same as explained below:

The procedure for Generators "Registration" with ICHWTSDF, Pali; operated by GEPIL (Haryana) is as below:

   1.        The generator should be a member of Haryana Environmental Management Society (HEMS). If not, they are required to first become HEMS member.

   2.        The generator has to fill up the "Registration Application Form", of GEPIL (Haryana), where it is required to furnish information with respect to industry, process, the wastes etc. The instruction sheet for filling the form is also attached with the form. The industry is required to furnish following documents along with the filled up Registration Application Form.

·         Copy of HEMS Membership Certificate

·         Copy of Valid Authorization from HSPCB / Copy of application for authorization

·         Certificate of Company Registration

·         Memorandum & Articles of Association/ Partnership Deed

·         Resolution Letter

·         Directors / Partners List

·         Process Flow Diagram indicating the Source of Waste Generation

·         Factory License Copy

·         Copy of PAN Card

·         Copy of the signed "Registration Agreement"

·         Waste Data Sheets

·         Latest Hazardous Waste Analysis Report

·         Registration Payment Receipt/ Demand Draft

·         Fingerprint Payment Receipt/ Demand Draft

   3.        The generator has to submit the registration charge of Rs.1, 000=00 (Rupees One Thousand only) and waste finger print analysis and compatibility / Treatability study of wastes charges @ Rs. 8000=00 (Rupees Eight thousand Only) for each waste type. The payment has to be made in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favor of Gujarat Enviro Protection and Infrastructure (Haryana) Private Limited.

   4.        The generator has to fill up and sign the two copies of agreement and submit the same along with the above documents.

   5.        The generator has to submit the sample of all different types of hazardous waste in the sample containers provided. The generator must clearly write down the information sought in the sample labels provided with the sample containers. In case more number of wastes, the sample containers can be obtained on request from GEPIL (Haryana).

   6.        The wastes treatment and disposal charge varies depending upon the wastes characteristics and be confirmed on analysis of wastes. The treatment and disposal route be decided based on the criteria for direct disposal, as per CPCB guidelines.

   7.        The charges for transportation, different treatments and disposal of hazardous wastes are as appended with "Registration Application Form".

   8.        The above referred charges are for major treatment and disposal routes and broadly covers majority of wastes. However, in case a waste requires some kind of specialized treatment (It does include Recovery plant as well) in addition to the above specified, the charges be worked out separately for the same.

   9.        The GEPIL (Haryana) confirm the charges for treatment and disposal to members for each types of wastes (Rupees per MT), after the detailed finger print analysis of the wastes.

10.        GEPIL (Haryana) confirms the charges for transportation in line above criteria, after evaluating the distance between the facility and generator's premises.

11.        On receipt of all above documents and fees, the generator  be provided the followings:

     i.        Certificate of Registration

    ii.        Copy of the signed agreement

  iii.        Manifest Book (as per Form-13)

  iv.        TREM Card Book (as per Form-11)

   v.        Hazardous Wastes Labels (as per Form-12)

  vi.        Instruction for filling and processing Manifests

vii.        Instructions for filling TREM Card

viii.        Instructions for packing, storing and loading

  ix.        Instructions for labeling hazardous waste

   x.        Procedure for lifting wastes and communicating with GEPIL (Haryana)

  xi.        Procedure for Emergency Preparedness and Response

xii.        Environmental Policy of GEPIL (Haryana)