HAZARDOUS WASTE >> Harmful Effects of Hazardous Waste


  1. Hazardous Waste causes toxic reaction in humans. Romans suffered from lead poisoning two millennia ago; possibly the decline of the Roman empire was due, at least in part, to lead induced psychoses among the emperors’.
  2. Hazardous Waste residues found in animals, birds and homo-sapiens reveals health related issues like lack of fertility, cancer, etc.
  3. Mercury and its salts are well-known for their hazardous effect is one among the important cause of neurologic disorder, paralysis and sensory loss.
  4. Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) and Poly Brominates Biphenyls (PBB) are also known hazardous materials through their unscientific disposal found in mother’s breast milk by way of milk and dairy products. PCB’s & PBB’s have been observed as causing miscarriages, birth defects and prenatal health problems in humans, especially women.
  5. Unscientific disposal of Hazardous Waste on soil deteriorates most of the characteristics of soil and make it toxic and unusable.
  6. Ground water beneath the unscientic Hazardous Waste Dump Site and its surroundings becomes toxic and can cause serious effects.
  7. Ambient Air in the area of these kinds of Dump Site gets contaminated and creates havoc in the nearby areas.
  8. Unscientific Dump Sites are vulnerable for fire hazards and some of the hazardous wastes have the power of self ignition and damage the entire area including the flora and fauna apart from neighboring human beings.
  9. Reclamation of the Contaminated Dump Site area is difficult, risky and highly expensive.


Hazardous Waste as the name denotes hazardous in nature and possesses characteristics such as toxicity, reactivity, flammability and corrosivity.  It can cause damage to humans, and all major components of environment viz. Ground Water, Soil, Ambient Air inclusive Flora and Fauna.

Unscientific handling of Hazardous Waste is critical because of its capability to create damage and aggravate the intensity of prevailing damage.


Scientific disposal of Hazardous Wastes is recommended and mandated since indiscriminate and unscientific disposal can cause:

  • Migration of Contaminants through Ground and Surface Waters
  • Contamination of Drinking Water Sources
  • Contamination of Vegetation and Crops through Contaminated Irrigation Water and Air Emission


  • Groundwater Contamination in Bichhri, Rajasthan
  • Disposal of Cyanide Waste in Buckingham Canal, Madras
  • Contamination of Ground Water: Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Nagda - Ratlam area in M.P. etc.