HAZARDOUS WASTE >> Do's and Don'ts





Take precaution while handling Hazardous Waste. Use Personal Protective Equipments.

Don’t handle Hazardous Waste without Personal Protective Equipments.

Display Hazardous Waste Characteristics and Work Instructions near to Generation, Storage and Other Important Places.

Don’t under-estimate the toxicity, flammability and other characteristics of Hazardous Waste.

Obtain / Renew Authorization from HSPCB regularly.

Don’t forget to submit Annual Returns.

Obtain HEMS Membership.

Don’t forget to remit Annual Membership Subscription.

Obtain GEPIL Registration and make an Agreement with them.

Don’t forget to submit Hazardous Waste Sample for Finger Print Analysis.

Store Hazardous Waste in dedicated Impermeable and Non-Leachate Store.

Don’t store Hazardous Waste in insecure, permeable and open places.

Keep the Storage marked as ‘Hazardous Waste Storage’.

Don’t place any objects to obstruct the way to Storage.

Place compatible fire extinguisher in the Storage.

Don’t forget to refill the fire extinguisher in time.

Use only flame proof lighting inside the Storage.

Don’t carry fire objects viz. match box, etc inside the Storage.

Keep the Storage remain closed unless for loading / unloading

Don’t enter immediately as soon as open Storage Gates.   Give sufficient time for the exit of the gas generated, if any.

Maintain log-book containing information regarding quantum of generation, storage and quantum of disposal.

Don’t forget to update the log-book every day.

Obtain / Renew Authorization from HSPCB regularly.

Don’t forget to submit Annual Returns.

Dispose Hazardous Waste regularly to TSDF or Registered Recycler

Don’t keep more than 10 MT or generated Hazardous Waste beyond three calendar months.

Collect Hazardous Waste Manifest from TSDF Operator or Registered Recycler

Do not forget to collect Work Order and Bill from TSDF Operator or keep a copy of your Sale Bill, Delivery Challan and Recycler’s Registration and Authorization Documents.

Place mandatory Hazardous Waste Display Board near the entry gate of your unit.

Don’t forget to update the information in the Display Board




Register every Hazardous Waste Generator in Haryana and make an Agreement with them.

Do not forget to check HEMS Membership of the Generator.


Collect representative sample for Finger Print Analysis.

Don’t forget to submit a copy of Finger Print Analysis Report to HEMS

Lift the Hazardous Waste from every unit in time.

Don’t let the Generator in legal trouble for timely non-disposal.

Keep the lifting vehicle compatible for transporting Hazardous Waste.

Don’t allow any spillage.

Place compatible fire extinguisher and operating instructions in the Vehicle.

Don’t forget to refill the fire extinguisher in time.

Verify the Hazardous Waste by spot examination and compare it with Finger Print Analysis Report.

Don’t forget to inform the Generator in case of any major variation in the Characteristics of Hazardous Waste

Obtain / Renew Authorization from HSPCB regularly.

Don’t forget to submit Annual Returns and maintain Record of Hazardous Wastes Handled.

Analyze the Hazardous Waste on arrival at TSDF

Don’t forget to calibrate the laboratory equipment and apparatus regularly

Segregate the waste as per analysis

Don’t allow waste which requires treatment or incineration into Direct Land Fill

Incinerate the waste with GCV above 2500 K.Cal./Kg

Don’t let out any amount of emissions of the incinerator untreated. 

Treat properly the waste requires treatment.  Add the required quantity of additives.

Don’t let two or more reactive wastes get mixed together.

Cover the Land Fill during monsoon.

Don’t close the collection of Hazardous Waste during monsoon from Generators.  Instead Collect and Store the Land Fill Waste.

Collect the leachate regularly, properly and treat it religiously.

Don’t forget to collect ground water samples, analyze the same and send a copy to all concerned.